770864 Traxxas X-Maxx 8S Power Version RTR

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Traxxas X-Maxx 8S Power Version RTR

Calling all X-Maxx owners! Traxxas is taking the award-winning truck you love to a whole new level of speed and performance with the X-Maxx 8s Power-Up®. Traxxas engineers tossed conventional thinking out the window to bring loyal X-Maxx owners the most powerful Traxxas system ever developed for a Ready-To-Race® vehicle. The Power-Up kit starts with the innovative Traxxas Velineon VXL-8s electronic speed control that combines the power of two 4s (4-cell) LiPo batteries for over 30 volts of mind-bending power.

With great power, also comes great strength. The X-Maxx 8s Power-Up kit is packed with new 8s rated components engineered to handle the brutal torque and incredible speed. Full steel-gear driveline, larger driveshafts, larger main bearings, strengthened bulkhead, new heavy-duty ring and pinion gears, dual-fan motor cooling and more. The new Torque-Biasing Center Drive unit distributes the power for maximum wheels-up punch and unrelenting acceleration.

The new VXL-8s speed control is an all-new Traxxas design that incorporates advanced microprocessor control with sophisticated software for smooth responsive performance and a rich feature set. The multi-layer circuit board has been optimized for uncompromised high-current power delivery and massive punch. New built-in protection circuitry lets you pour on the power with carefree abandon. Distinct LEDs on-board the ESC keep you directly informed on voltage, current, and temperature, without having to decode tedious blinking patterns. The new built-in power panel includes a high-current BEC output and a fuse-protected battery direct power bus for future


As new features and capabilities are added, exclusive over-the-air speed control updates are a snap with the Traxxas Link app. Of course, it is fully waterproof so you never have to hold back when the fun that lies ahead gets a little wet. We’ve engineered the VXL-8s to be our most powerful, dependable, and easiest to use power system ever. Features aside, the massive acceleration and seemingly bottomless flow of power breathes new life into the X-Maxx like a massive shot of pure adrenaline.